Support your Concern

The National Waqf Fund allows you to support the causes that are closest to you in a more sustainable way than giving regular donations. Awqaf are permanent investments that generate income for good causes, forever. NWF team choose where the need is greatest when the income from investment matures.

When funds are ready to distribute, our charity experts will review the best charities to deliver in each category with continuous monitoring and reporting of the donations back to donors. Ensuring peace of mind and maximum impact for your donation.

Spiritual Preservation and Growth

Building infrastructure to enable Muslims to live Islam and grow spiritually

Civic and Legal Empowerment

Positive representation of Muslims in public life

Economic Relief and Empowerment

Addressing the short-term and long-term economic needs of the Muslims

Education and Leadership Training

Equipping Muslims with knowledge and leadership skills


Religious awareness and community outreach


Empowering, nurturing and inspiring Muslim youth to be future leaders and role models