We can take care of your investments.

We award grants to qualifying charities.

Let us help you invest your charitable reserves.

Most charities maintain a level of financial reserves for a rainy day. Muslim charities especially, have limited options to invest these reserves in shariah compliant accounts that give them competative returns as interest bearing savings accounts.

The NWF Investment Committee can help you invest your reserve income in shariah compliant investments that will not only create returns but will increase the diversity and quantity of your income streams over time. 

Would you like to Apply for Funding?

The objective of the National Waqf Fund is to support charitable causes from the income it generates from it’s investments. Our intention is to help charities diversify their income streams to more long term and sustainable income that allows them to plan better and have greater impact.

If your charity is involved in delivering the causes we wish to support, please get in touch and apply for a grant.