Support Your Concern

The National Waqf Fund seeks to make sure every kind of charitable purpose can benefit from having a Waqf attached to it. Read below to see the causes you can support with your investments…forever.

Sustainable, continuous giving…

Support your Concern

The National Waqf Fund allows you to support the causes that are closest to you in a more sustainable way then giving regular donations. Awqaf are permanent investments that generate income for good causes, forever. You may choose the returns from your donation to go to one of the categories below or allow the NWF team to choose where the need is greatest when the income from investment matures.

When funds are ready to distribute, our charity experts will review the best charities to deliver in each category with continuous monitoring and reporting of the donations back to donors. Ensuring peace of mind and maximum impact for your donation.

1. Emergency Relief Fund

Charities responding to natural disasters, famine, and those impacted by war, both in the UK and abroad. Like all funds, we expect this fund to increase with investments over time and funds will be allocated to suitable causes at time of distribution.

2. Education

Programs that specifically target the enhancement and education of young children through infrastructure, training and scholarship programmes. Sustainable programs that create opportunities for the most vulnerable will be prioritised.

3. Micro Finance & Training

Support projects that invest in the disadvantaged who have potential to make it on their own. Programmes that support interest free loans, vocational training and tools to help qualified people earn a dignified living and contribute to their communities.

4. Food & water

Food and Water programmes that allow families and communities to not only survive but build a future and change the hope and situation of succeeding generations. Programmes supported include water wells, irrigation, WASH projects and food for schools and families.

5. National ProgramMEs

NWF Support Charities and programmes that focus their efforts in providing relief to individuals and families in the UK impacted by poverty, debt and other circumstances outside of their control. Programs will include supporting refugee families and Muslim children in care, preserving their identity and health.


Charities that share the true understanding of Islam through all forms of media and engagement. Teaching resources for children and adults for better social cohesion and harmony.