Giving charity in your sleep

Looking back at our rich heritage we have found that Muslim civilizations of past and even the recent present, used the vehicles of Waqf (pl. Awqaf) to provide sustainable, long term giving-back to communities, continuously. Traditionally, these were assets such as land or buildings that were donated by the generous for the permanent benefit of others. Private Investment for Public Benefit.

Our approach


Gift a Waqf to a Charitable Purpose

The National Waqf Fund allows for everyone to participate in establishing and reviving the institute of Waqf in our communities. Individuals will be able to donate cash that will be pooled together and invested in shariah compliant assets that will generate sustainable returns that will support the most important priority UK causes.

The graph opposite demonstrates that if NWF had been setup 20 years ago with only £1M invested on an annual basis, we would have distributed almost £13M to charities today whilst owning £32M in assets.

How NWF Works


NWF Invests

The NWF Investment Committee ensures all funds invested meet both performance and islamic criteria. The investment committee consists of islamic scholars and qualified investment advisors to optimise returns for the causes we support.


Charities Apply for Grants

The objective of the National Waqf Fund is to provide sustainable funding for charitable causes. Our grant team invites applications for funding from registered charities in the UK that can evidence the impact they have made in the areas they work.


NWF Delivers Returns

The Investment Committee will monitor the performance of Awqaf investments and our investment partners to maximise income. This income, which may be monthly or annual depending on the investment, will then be distributed to the most important UK causes.


Grants are Awarded

The Grant Committee will award grants from the income generated from the Awqaf to charities that have made successful applications for funding.

Income generated from the Awqaf is also used to cover the costs of managing the asset and a portion is also re-invested into the fund to generate further returns in the future. Thus we plan to continue the cycle of good without diminishing the original donation.


NWF Monitors & Reports

The NWF monitoring team will track and report on the performance of all investments directly to the donors and where possible on this website. These may be in the form of monthly, quarterly or annual reports depending upon the investment types.

The Grant Committee will also monitor and evaluate the charities and projects donated to so they meet the original objectives of the donations and achieve the desired impact of the donor.

NWF will also proactively review the shariah compliancy of our investment partners and contractors to ensure there is never a conflict of interest between the NWF team and those we work with.