Marvelous Pious Foundation (WAQFs) Throughout History

by | 20 Dec, 2020 | Current Affairs, History, Popular Culture

Religion, culture, arts, literature and philosophy have focused on ideas, which put the people in the centre, throughout history. These ideas aimed that people spend happier and peaceful lives. In this context, the assignment of the people is to find and bring out the beautiful and good ones, to establish a balanced life in the world, strengthen social relationships and make the world a better place to live.

The Waqf culture has considered all of these matters that we have pointed out, and aimed to strengthen social bonds, putting the goodness and benefaction in the centre because the waqf culture has risen based on two fundamental values:

  1. To get closer to Allah (swt) with conducted charity work
  2. To be helpful to humanity and in more general sense to be helpful to all living creatures and to win their affection.

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