Waqf, Wills & Wasiyyah

by | 20 Dec, 2020 | Current Affairs, History, Popular Culture

WAQF-MAKING i.e. giving a capital gift to Allah from one’s wealth, no matter how small or big, or whatever asset it might be, for some or other charitable cause, for one’s family or both, has been part of Islamic culture and civilisation over the centuries, from the time of the Noble Prophet Muhammad (SAW), his Companions (RA) and their followers through the ages.

Needless to say, waqf-making became endemic and pervasive throughout generations and throughout the length and breadth of the Islamic world.

Of importance and relevance to Muslims is the famous hadith of the Prophet (SAW) wherein he said that all our good deeds will  end when we pass on, except three:

  1. sadaqah jaariyah (waqf),
  2. beneficial knowledge that we leave  behind and
  3. pious offspring who pray for their parents.

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