Waqf: Our Solution

by | 9 Jul, 2020 | Current Affairs

In this thoughtful article, Dr Zara Khan on behalf the Yaqeen Institute, considers the potential of waqfs to address the economic troubles confronting the world today. She spotlights the growing despondency emerging in farming communities and the wealth disparities between races to demonstrate the structural poverty embedded in our current global economic system. Weakening the ramparts requires a new thinking, and in survelling waqfs in theory and in history, Dr. Khan believes the values that underpin waqfs are a perfect antidote to the structual poverty that corrupts our world today. To read  her thoughts in detail, please visit  https://yaqeeninstitute.org/zarakhan/reviving-the-waqf-tradition-moral-imagination-and-the-structural-causes-of-poverty/

This paper builds on recent research classifying Islamic charitable endowments—the institution of the waqf—into distinct stages of historical and institutional development. It aims to imagine how the waqf might look today. Throughout Islamic history, the waqf institution changed in form as the community’s material and historical circumstances changed while retaining the substance of its spiritual imperative. What are some of the root causes of poverty in today’s world, and how might the waqf be resuscitated to acknowledge and remedy those causes?

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