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Whether you want to donate a small amount or large, or you have a property in your portfolio that you wish to convert into a Waqf for endless reward, please get in touch with our experts who will be happy to share our knowledge on awqaf, charity and all related matters.


Donate Cash

You may donate cash that will be pooled together with other donations to make investments or you may buy a complete asset which will then be converted to a Waqf with all the legal requirements.


Gift a Property

If you have a property that you wish to donate forever for the causes that are closest to you, we can help. Our team of experts will convert the ownership of the asset to a permanent endowment (Waqf) that meets both the legal and islamic requirements in the UK. The income generated from this asset will be distributed on behalf of you and your loved ones, forever.


Leave a Legacy Gift

If you wish to leave a donation in cash or in kind (property, land etc) upon your death that will generate rewards for you till the end of time, our team can help in planning your legacy both legally and islamically in the UK. NWF have experts in estate planning and Islamic Wills that can enable your rewards to continue well after you.


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